It's a simple recipe to transform Texas!

In 2020, a handful of issues outperformed both presidential candidates nationwide with voters of every political stripe — namely, supporting workers, improving wages, and legalizing weed.

Ground Game Texas is launching city-based campaigns around ‘workers, wages, and weed’ and going straight to voters’ doors to talk about these popular issues. We can excite Texans — enough to get new voters on the rolls, inactive voters back to the polls, and transform the Texas electorate for 2022 and beyond.

We’re already organizing community by community and knocking thousands of doors, thanks to grassroots supporters like you. But with 2022 coming up quickly we will need all hands on deck as we gear up for some big fights ahead of us.

If you’re ready to invest in real political change in Texas, can you join us by adding your name? Every person who joins our movement will allow us to build a progressive Texas from the ground up.

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