XR Volunteer Agreement

Last Update: June 2021


Dear Rebels, we're grateful you're here.

It is crucial, as a principled regenerative movement, that we hold ourselves to the highest standards in everything we do as part of Extinction Rebellion UK, and adhere to its principles and values. This agreement covers the points you must agree to in order to act in and on behalf of XR UK.

Principles and Values

I agree to comply with XR UK’s Principles and Values set out below.

1. We have a shared vision of change: creating a world that is fit for generations to come.

2. We set our mission on what is necessary: mobilising 3.5% of the population to achieve system change.

3. We need a regenerative culture: creating a culture which is healthy, resilient and adaptable.

4. We openly challenge ourselves and our toxic system; leaving our comfort zones to take action for change.

5. We value reflecting and learning, following a cycle of action, reflection, learning, and planning for more action. Learning from other movements and contexts as well as our own experiences.

6. We welcome everyone and every part of everyone: working actively to create safer and more accessible spaces.

7. We actively mitigate power: breaking down hierarchies of power for more equitable participation.

8. We avoid blaming and shaming: we live in a toxic system, but no one individual is to blame.

9. We are a non-violent network: using non-violent strategy and tactics as the most effective way to bring about change.

10. We are based on autonomy and decentralisation: we collectively create the structures we need to challenge power.

Ways of Working

I agree to follow XR UK’s Ways of Working and, if necessary, Conflict Resolution process

The rest of this Agreement covers some obligations we all have as volunteers: protecting our and others’ privacy, respecting confidence, using the technology services XR UK provides, and what happens if we don’t stick to our commitments in this Agreement. Please do read to the end - it’s not too long and you’ll learn some crucial things about how things work within XR UK.

Data protection

Adhering to a set of principles for how we handle data helps build trust between ourselves, and between us and other movements/bodies.

As a volunteer you'll both provide, and be privy to, individuals' personally identifiable data, from basic contact details like name, telephone number and email, to more obviously confidential or special category information. We’ll collectively refer to all of this as ‘Data’ in the rest of this Agreement.

It is important you keep all that information secure and strictly confidential and use it only for the purpose for which it was provided.

We need to treat our Data the way we do one another and our planet, with love and care. So, we're going to keep it simple.

  • We'll protect our Data from misuse.

  • We'll ensure it's only used in ways that are lawful under data protection law. Usually, when we are dealing with the Data of Rebels, or people who want to know more about us, we will obtain their express consent to use their Data. In some cases, though, we will rely on another permitted reason. For more details, see our Privacy Policy.

  • Where we rely on consent, we'll guarantee choice; that consent can always be withdrawn.

If you bear these principles in mind, and follow the guidelines below, when handling yours or others' Data, we'll be in a safe place.

I agree to the following:

  • I have read and will comply with XR UK’s Privacy Policy.

  • XR UK is the data controller

  • I am acting in a voluntary capacity in assisting XR UK in processing Data.

  • I will comply with data protection law when storing, processing, and transferring Data.

I will:

  • Protect our Data, treat it as confidential and ensure that it is stored securely.

  • Only process Data for the purpose for which it was provided, and with a lawful justification.

  • Assist with subject access and other requests and potential removal or correction of Data.

I will read and comply with XR UK's general Policies and Procedures for handling Data, and those appropriate to my role, as provided to me (and understand these may be updated from time to time), and attend training when asked to, to make sure I am clear on what I need to do.

I understand that breaches of this policy could incur severe financial penalties and other sanctions for XR UK.

Terms of Service

I understand that the technology services that XR UK runs (including the Mattermost chat service, the XR UK Communications Hub etc.) are provided under binding Terms of Service and I have read and agree to comply with these.


  • I understand that during my volunteering with XR UK, as well as access to personal Data, I may have access to other information of a confidential nature, whether relating to Extinction Rebellion or other movements/bodies,and whether relating to their activities, finances, planning or otherwise. I may receive this information either verbally or in writing.

  • By confirming my acceptance of this agreement, I agree that all such information is held on trust, will be kept strictly confidential, and will not be discussed outside XR UK or in general conversation. I agree that I will never use it, or allow it to be used, for my own purposes, or the purposes of anyone outside XR. If I step down from a role, or end my involvement with XR, I will transfer all Data held by me or delete it, whichever is requested.

  • I understand that my duty of confidentiality lasts for as long as the information remains confidential, and continues after my involvement with XR has ended.

Breach of the Volunteer Agreement

I understand that if I do not comply with this agreement, I may be asked to step down from my role(s) within XR UK.

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