XR Toronto Wants You


Extinction Rebellion Toronto is but a local movement in the ever growing global rebellion. Grounded in our principles of non-violent direct action, we aim to build on the good work done by our fellow rebels in the UK and begin the mass mobilisation of Torontonians to demand:

  1. That governments TELL THE TRUTH about the scope and scale of the climate crisis
  2. That action be taken HALT BIODIVERSITY LOSS and make Canada CARBON NEUTRAL BY 2025
  3. That government convene a CITIZENS ASSEMBLY to lead the transition to a more ecologically just future. Ensuring accountability, transparency and inclusivity

    And we want you to help make it happen! Whether you will be in the vanguard for our blockades, planning our actions, running logistics or building a sustainable & regenerative culture for the struggle ahead; Extinction Rebellion Toronto needs people from all walks of life to carry out our mission.

    Whether you're a seasoned activist or this is the first time you've been compelled to act, we welcome you in our ranks.

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