Young Greens Convention 2022 Access Fund

Please make sure you have signed up for Young Greens Convention before applying to the access fund.

The Young Greens are committed to removing barriers to political participation. We are therefore determined that no-one should be deterred or barred from attending our events because of financial costs.

To make Young Greens Convention 2022 accessible to all, we are able to provide financial assistance to those who need it. This assistance is available to cover the costs of travel to the venue, food, and accommodation for the duration of the meeting.

We strongly encourage all who feel that the costs of attending the meeting are a barrier for them to fill in this form. If you are unsure about anything, such as what we can cover, or have financial needs that we have not covered in this form, we would strongly encourage you to apply and provide us with extra details through the form. If you have questions you can email us via

*Note: all information submitted through this form is strictly confidential and will not be shared without your permission. If you go on to make a claim through the Access Fund, these details may be shared in confidence with members of the Green Party’s finance team.*

We encourage all attendees to use value and low-carbon travel options. You can often split your train ticket for a cheaper fare on

The Young Greens will contact you shortly. Please register for Convention in the meantime; we ask that you wait to hear the outcome of your application before purchasing travel/accommodation/food.

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