Your Community Hospital is About to Change!


RSVP to weigh in and let your voice be heard! Thursday, May 26th, 6:30 PM Groton Sr. Center

Groton Senior Center 102 Newtown Rd, Groton- Directions

  • Our health care system is changing rapidly. Yale-New Haven Health System wants to take over Lawrence & Memorial (L+M) in an "affiliation" that gives Yale-New Haven complete control of our local hospital and the doctors L+M employs.
  • Yale-New Haven will control almost 60% of hospital business on the shoreline from New York to Rhode Island when the deal is done. This could raise prices and cut services.
  • Hartford Healthcare promised no service cuts at Windham Hospital. Now the critical care unit is closed and some patients have to be helicoptered to Hartford for treatment that used to be available locally.

Patients in Eastern Connecticut can't afford higher prices or service cuts. The Yale-New Haven/L+M deal needs your input. RSVP NOW!

For More Information or questions contact CCAG Director of Organising Ann Pratt

Phone: 860.209.1234 Email:

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