2018 - Claudette Williams for PA House 176


I was born in the beautiful island of Jamaica and migrated to Brooklyn, New York at an early age. For most of my life I’ve worked hard to provide the best life for myself, family, and those closest to me.

However, there came a point when I wanted more and therefore I decided to expand my horizons and move out of NY and into a new environment where I could have access to the best resources for schools, community, etc. and own something of my own.

As a single mother of 4 (3 of my own and one who happened to be an extended family member), I moved to Mount Pocono, Pennsylvania in 1998 in hopes that this would be the best and last physical move of my life.

3 years later and in the wake of 9/11, I found myself in yet another major crossroad in life & in a place wondering what else could I do not only for my family but my country. I have been a member of the Armed Forces for over 30+ years and have experienced a lot of great challenges. The 911 attack impacted me greatly both personally and professionally.

In 2003, I was called to active duty in support of Operation Enduring Freedom and Operation Iraqi Freedom and it was at that time that I was faced with my biggest challenge. As a single mother, I was forced to choose between answering the call and duty as a soldier and/or staying home to serve and protect my family. Ultimately, I realized that by answering the call to serve my country, I would be protecting the safety of my children as well, and with that I embarked on my duties overseas. With the help of my family, friends and my community, I was able to find the needed care for my children and sacrifice missing some of their most important years, to protect our country, our legacy, and our FREEDOM.

Now as a retired veteran, I realize that my duty as a citizen and leader do not end here. I feel the need to serve my community in a larger capacity as well and with that I am making my mark in local legislature.
“People ask me: ‘Claudette, after putting your life on the line under fire in Iraq, why do you want to bother with a mess like Harrisburg?’ My answer is simple: I want to continue to give back to this great country in the House of Representatives with the same dedication I gave to the United States in the Army.

I KNOW THE DRILL. I taught the soldiers under my command that their lives depended on trusting each other and working together. That message carried myself and my troop very far overseas, therefore I know I can deal with Harrisburg with this same thought in mind.

Harrisburg is not a mess I say, it’s an opportunity to raise a new voice and fix issues that have gone unaddressed for far too long. I plan on being the leader and voice of those who often go unheard. I know I can work to get things done in the House, because I’ve done it before on lager platforms/battlefields but with teamwork and the right leadership there’s nothing we can’t do.

Ultimately, we need something new, if we want more for our home state of Pennsylvania, and I, along with my supporters, and residents can get it done!


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