2018 - Maggie Borski for PA House 177


About Maggie

Maggie was a varsity basketball, soccer, and track athlete at Nazareth Academy before earning an athletic and academic scholarship to Bloomsburg University where she was a senior captain for the Division II Bloomsburg Huskies basketball team. As a lifelong athlete, Maggie knows the meaning of perseverance, determination, and working together to achieve a common goal. Continuing to give back to the sport and the community as a youth girls basketball referee, these are the values Maggie works to instill in young athletes, and the values she will bring to Harrisburg.

Maggie believes the General Assembly should put their time and effort into helping the working families, children, and seniors of Pennsylvania. That means steadfastly supporting and expanding labor rights, and growing the middle class. Maggie believes that every child should have the right to a quality education. Maggie has three sisters who are school teachers, and as a student of Pennsylvania's public universities—Bloomsburg University and now Temple Law School—Maggie knows that a strong public education system is key to building a prosperous middle class.

While working with prosecutors and Philadelphia Police officers in the District Attorney’s Office, Maggie has seen how drugs have damaged our communities—addiction, overdoses, and crime—and how the same old policies have been ineffective. Maggie believes that Harrisburg needs to get serious about combating the drug epidemic with a comprehensive approach that focuses on education, diversion programs, and addiction treatment instead of incarceration for nonviolent offenders.

Maggie is running for State Representative because of her drive to help the residents of Northeast Philadelphia and the River Wards. That means supporting public education, putting working families at the forefront, and ending the gridlock in Harrisburg that is preventing meaningful change. Maggie will be a representative who understands the issues facing Philadelphia, who will work tirelessly on behalf of her constituents, and who can approach issues with a new mindset.

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