2018 - Sara Campbell-Szymanski for PA House 150


Working to flip Pennsylvania's 150 house district

Sara is the Democratic candidate for State Representative in Pennsylvania’s 150th house district (PA HD-150), which encompasses Lower Providence, Collegeville, and Skippack, along with portions of Upper Providence and West Norriton.

She writes:

“I am an Ursinus College graduate (2007) who returned to live in Audubon in 2012. I have dual degrees in Biology and Dance. After I graduated from Ursinus, I hoped to work for the Philadelphia Zoo, or maybe even start my own dance company, but instead I took the first biology lab-tech job that was offered to me. This was before Obamacare and I needed the insurance. I spent the next several years working in labs at some of Philadelphia’s finest research institutions while preparing to apply to PhD programs in Biology.

Unfortunately, in 2011, shortly after I got engaged to my now-husband, I was at the bus stop on the way to work when my hands started to hurt. Over the next week they began to hurt more and more until I could no longer perform my job functions. Doctor after doctor failed to diagnose the source of the pain, but they all told me to stop using my hands. After exhausting my FMLA, I was let go from my job. Working in the lab requires a lot of manual dexterity. My dream of becoming a scientist was pretty much over.

These days, I have a diagnosis of fibromyalgia. I’ve gotten better with treatment but will probably never be able to return to the lab. My ‘career’ these days is stay-at-home-mom of a two-year-old girl.

The 2016 election cycle was my wake-up call. While I’ve always been a person with strong political opinions, and have made sure to vote in every election, that’s been about the extent of my involvement, until now. Now, it’s plain that our institutions are under attack. I intend to fight back. My hands are no longer strong enough to do science in the lab, but my voice is strong enough to defend it in the State House.

As your representative, I vow to put myself between you and the people who would take away your healthcare, your open spaces, and your sacred voice in our representative democracy.”

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