2018 - Tim Kearney for PA Senate 26


Tim Kearney is the mayor of Swarthmore, and an experienced public servant, a husband, a father, and a small business owner and architect.

  • He’s lived a long time in Pennsylvania’s 26th District.
  • That’s why he’s running for State Senate.
  • It’s time to get things done.

Tim has worked at the local level as a community leader and problem solver on issues that affect every Pennsylvanian: education, a fair state budget, and a healthy environment.

Tim agrees with the vast majority of Pennsylvanians that every child deserves access to a good education so we can all enjoy the benefits of a well-educated population. That means it’s time to stop penalizing children for their zip code and fund schools realistically and properly.

Tim also believes that Pennsylvania must be fair to everyone when it collects taxes and pays for programs: a balanced budget must benefit everyone; a fair budget cannot burden the most vulnerable while rewarding the wealthiest among us.

And finally, Tim understands that the power and beauty of Pennsylvania come from its legacy of its natural resources and a clean environment, one in which the health of citizens comes before the profits of industry.

Architects like Tim are trained to see the big picture while working out the many details and individual concerns that make that future possible. Tim Kearney is the experienced man of action the 26th District needs to make sure that we live in the Pennsylvania we want right now and that we leave the Pennsylvania we want to our children.

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