Activate! 313 Curators

Detroit, MI

Whatever your community: aggregate, connect, collaborate & instigate action, with Activate! 313.

Hundreds of socio-political issues plague our world. There are many barriers to effecting positive change: apathy, political corruption, and inertia. Screw the apathetic. The millions of people who care, and who want to make the world a better place, have no clear pathway for entering the world of social impact. What currently exists requires too much time researching options online, signing petitions and commenting online – and too little time actually doing, What currently exists in our communities requires commitment to one particular issue, group, or ideology – and then jumping on the related mailing lists, and planning your schedule around their volunteer opportunity.

There’s a better way. Get involved in any issue, doing whichever kind of activity sings to you, at whatever time best fits in your schedule.

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