America 2.0 Refuse Fascism

Chicago, IL

Listen. Until recently I was just like you. I trusted the political establishment to safeguard democracy. I trusted elected leadership to stand up for fairness. For freedom. For the rule of law.

But since the installation of the Trump/Pence lawless regime, everything I believe in has been dragged through the mud. We have seen every standard of human decency trampled.

We have seen desperately poor families imprisoned and tortured for the crime of wanting safety and freedom from violence. We have seen children die horrible deaths in US custody.

We have seen our fellow citizens gunned down in mindless racist attacks with deadly military style assault weapons. We have seen our legislators blandly look away from the mass grief and bloodletting.

We have seen a “president” launch deadly attacks on innocent people in the Mideast, not to defend our safety or security but as a political tool to deflect from his own corruption.

We have seen damaging trade wars launched by a “president” who doesn’t understand their function or their impact and a Congress that stands by and allows it to happen.

We have seen attacks on women’s rights, reproductive rights and vile attempts to turn back the clock on the rights of GLBTQ citizens. We have seen our “representatives” murmur disapproval....and do nothing.

Most alarming of all, we are facing an ecological crisis of titanic proportions. The Amazon is literally on fire as we speak, while the Trump/Pence regime does the bidding of the oil, coal and gas industries, destroying what meager regulations there were to protect our air, water and soil, ensuring more and more deaths for our children and grandchildren.

Those who challenge these toxic and brutal policies are attacked as extremists. But the truth is clear: The ump/Pence cabal and their allies are presiding over the destruction of everything we hold dear: our rights and liberties. Our environment. Our relationships with other world peoples. Our safety. Our very humanity is at stake. It is never “too extreme” to ask for justice, for basic human decency, compassion, and peace.

You may tell yourself that since an impeachment process is underway, you don’t need to do anything. But impeachment will not remove Trump from office. The Republican-controlled Senate will protect Trump and Trump voters will be energized by their anger over impeachment, which may give him a second term. No, the answer to this existential dilemma lies outside of the political establishment. You must realize that the existing political machinery is not going to end these threats. Our major parties have become part of the problem. Fascism cannot be voted out.

We must fund a complete takeover of democracy by direct action from the people. If we wait till November of 2020 there will be nothing left to save!

That is where Refuse Fascism comes in.

This is why I am so excited to tell you about Refuse Fascism and our movement.

Refuse Fascism is not aligned with any established political party and so gets NO help, obviously, from any of them. We are a grassroots group that takes to the streets to show our commitment to democracy, peace, humanity and justice, oppose racism and xenophobia, police brutality and US militarism.

We must educate, we must organize, we must mobilize everyone and anyone to oppose this regime every second, and at every turn. We must show our faces and put our bodies on the line, wherever and whenever possible. And yes, this takes money.

That’s what this page is about. That’s why We are putting out the call to everyone who has seen the bankruptcy, corruption and injustice of our current system, and the impotence of elected representatives who owe their power and position to the same corrupt forces that prop up this regime.

Enough! We say, Trump/Pence AND their enablers, must go. NOW!

Look what happened in Puerto Rico. The people, confronted with egregious evidence of the corrupt nature of their leadership, took to the streets and drove it out. And in Hong Kong, the people crowded streets, airports, and other venues by the hundreds of thousands to make their fury known about the tyranny from Beijing. Don’t let anyone tell you it can’t be done. It has been done. And it MUST be done.

Your contribution, in any amount, will fund Refuse Fascism’s organizing efforts, maintaining regional offices, distribution of literature, mechanics of setting up and publicizing mass demonstrations, film screenings, photography, art and other events. Be part of the solution to this disaster! We cannot do it without you. Please be as generous as you possibly can.

You can donate through this page, or, if you need the donation to be tax-deductible, you can give here:

The world is watching us. We must act in the name of Humanity to drive out the Trump/Pence regime NOW! Join Refuse Fascism today!

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