ArtReach Chicago

Chicago, IL

ArtReach is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization in Chicago, Illinois with a passion to better our community through exposure to art education. Our mission is to empower and connect people through the practice of visual arts.

ArtReach achieves this mission by providing mobile and studio access to under-served Chicagoans of all ages. Through mobile community programs, in-school residencies, afterschool programs and field trips, ArtReach extends access to high quality arts tools, professionals, and spaces throughout the city. In our firehouse community art studio, we provide a safe space for diverse individuals to develop art skills as well as studio management or teaching experience.

The best way that you can support this effort RIGHT NOW, is to become a partner with ArtReach. ArtReach partners give small monthly contributions through a credit card or checking account. This is the best way to give because it gives us the sustained public support that we NEED to fulfill our mission. Our relationship with the public is vital to our existence, and requires commitment.

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