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Placeholder descriptionThe Australian Unemployed Workers' Union is an organisation by the unemployed, for the unemployed.

Our mission at the AUWU is to protect the common interests of the 1,500,000+ Australians who are currently unemployed.

This struggle has become more important than ever considering the 3 major attacks being waged against unemployed workers:

  1. Lack of jobs: There are currently 16 job seekers per job vacancy in Australia - the highest ratio of job seekers to job vacancies since records began. The government needs to stop punishing the unemployed for this crisis and create secure jobs now!
  2. Low rate of Newstart: Right now, Newstart is around $280 per fortnight below the poverty line - one of the lowest unemployment benefits in the developed world.
  3. Punitive system of fines and activities: Today, privately owned Employment Service Providers have unprecedented range of powers over unemployed workers and can suspend, cancel or reduce their Newstart entitlement for the smallest infringements. This effectively gives them the power of life and death over the unemployed. The Government should help the unemployed into secure employment, not punish them.

By organising and sharing our experiences and common grievances, as unemployed Australians we can fight back against the endless attacks being launched against us. Only by fighting together can we force the Australian government to create a fair and humane welfare system for all.

To protect our welfare state from the government’s ongoing assault, however, it is clear that we will need the help of the wider Australian public. It is for this reason that the Australian Unemployed Workers' Union welcomes all those dependent on Centrelink, as well as all those who have jobs, to join our struggle for a fair and humane welfare state.

In fact, establishing a broad community of people who are committed to fighting against the governments brutal treatment of Australia’s most vulnerable – from Trade Unions to other political organisations – is an essential step if we are to achieve our objectives.

Its completely free to join up, so sign up today and join the struggle for a fair Australia!

By joining the AUWU you will get:

  • Free access to our National Advocacy hotline [1800289848]
  • The opportunity to meet other AUWU members in your local area
  • Access to our leaflets, which we can send out to you in the mail
  • Access to our growing list of contacts and friendly organisations to help in our struggle
  • An organised platform to fight for the rights and dignity of the unemployed!


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