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7 Free Marketing Tools for Instagram

1 – SocialRank

It is a tool to get to know your Instagram followers through its three key features which are as follows;


With SocialRank, you can access the profiles of all your Instagram followers.


Once you have imported all your Instagram followers, you can organize them through different filters.


It creates the list to keep in SocialRank, Twitter or store export to CSV lists.

2 – Facebook Power Editor

Both Facebook and Instagram use the same interface to manage your ads, the Facebook Power Editor. So if you want to advertise on Instagram, you will need to familiarize yourself with this tool. Take advantage of all its features advanced targeting to reach just the public who you are looking for.

3 – IconoSquare

This free marketing tool for Instagram is designed brilliantly. With IconoSquare, you will see all kind of statistics of your Instagram account i.e. the total number of likes, photos, average number of likes, total number of comments per photo, graphic growth of your Instagram followers and more, all in form of attractive graphics.

4 – Canva

Canva is an online design application that lets you create all kinds of images without expertise. For Instagramers, Canva has several effects, icons, picture frames, stickers and more, so you can create the best pictures in the easiest way possible.

5 – SnapWidget

If your brand has a ravishing Instagram account, you will not cut it and show off everywhere. This tool is a kind of free Instagram widget, designed to embed pictures and videos of Instagram as a photo gallery websites and blogs. You are ready to install with minimum configuration, but if you have a problem you can always turn to the tutorial that appears on their official website.

6 – PicFrame

It is a photo editing platform full of features and options to share your photos on Instagram. With PicFrame, you can choose a picture frame adjustable between 73 different options, add text and graphic effects, choose colors and more, all in high resolution. In addition, this tool is compatible with Blackberry, Android, iOS and Mac, making it the ultimate solution to give all your images one ultra-professional touch.

7 – Piqora

This tool is designed to provide you with full management of your Instagram community. With it you can grow your community, manage content, analyze the results of images and hashtags and more.

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