Caucus for a Democratic Union (CDU) - UMass Boston

Boston, MA
Linda Liu, CDU logo-artist

The CDU is an independent group of faculty members who seek to promote greater democracy, empowerment, and participation in the UMass Boston Faculty Staff Union (FSU).

We are committed to working together for:

  • A union that engages with, represents, and encourages rank-and-file member involvement, activism, and leadership
  • A union that is accountable to members and transparent and open in its work
  • A union that welcomes and incorporates critical feedback
  • A union that defends academic freedom and proactively organizes against attacks on faculty
  • A union that stands in solidarity with other workers and other unions, on campus and beyond
  • A union that fights for the urban mission and for our students
  • A union that advocates for full state funding of public higher education
  • A bargaining process that mobilizes members and is open, transparent, and accountable
  • A union that fights for social justice and equity in our union, in our workplace, and beyond
  • The election of FSU leadership who share these goals

The CDU is independent of the FSU, and is not officially sponsored by the FSU. Visit the CDU website at . You can join us by sending us an email (if you are a member of the UMass Boston FSU): umb.cdu at gmail dot com.

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