Clean up Marinwood Plaza Now!

San Rafael, CA

We are concerned residents of Marin that object to further delays of the cleanup of the former Prosperity Cleaners site at 160 Marinwood Avenue in Marinwood (San Rafael), CA.

High levels of PCE (Pert) and Solvents at Marinwood Plaza  were first recorded  in 1990. On August 20, 2007 another leak was reported.  Only modest remediation has occurred  since then and the toxic plume has  been allowed to spread.   It now reaches underneath the 101 Freeway and threatens Silveira Dairy Ranch .  In addition several hundred residents live directly across the street in Casa Marinwood , Roundtree , Blackstone Canyon Drive and Miller Creek Avenue are threatened .  Noxious soil vapors travel along sewer and water lines and can enter households.   Serious illnesses clusters of unknown causes have been reported and the community is justifiably concerned about the possible environmental pollutants.

The community demands prompt  clean up action by the dischargers to ensure no further harm is done to the public health. More testing is needed immediately to establish the size of the toxic plume and the ensure proper steps are taken for the safety of the residents.

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