It is vital to the environmental sector’s success and effectiveness that the sector itself works to diversify its work force. This work is key to increasing the range of voices within the sector and the sector’s understanding of the social complexities surrounding environmental issues.

It’s vital to all of us that the food system be changed to a system which regenerates nature rather than degrading it. To a food system with equal access to quality produce for all which does not waste but instead values the produce and utilises food preparation methods for the natural well-being benefits they offer. In being more connected with our food, we feel more fulfilled when sharing and enjoying it.

Feedback is supported by Our Bright Future to offer a significant number of EcoTalent work placements with environmental organisations. Each placement lasts around 15 weeks and is paid Living Wage. Any young people aged 18-24 may apply, and placements will be made with host organisations working in the nexus of food and the environment.

Placements will have either a practical or campaigning focus. Practical placements will include host organisations such as community kitchens, farms, and other growing projects – an opportunity to learn about the food system and its effect on the environment as well as the practical skills of how to provide the food of and for the future.

Campaigning placements will work with campaigning organisations to push for changes in the food system which will secure sustainable food production for now and future generations.

Our visions is for the young people who experience our placements to become the workforce of a sustainable food future and campaigners for positive social change.

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