Forward Wisconsin: Fight for Fair Maps


Forward Wisconsin is a project of the Assembly Democrats aimed at addressing issues that have broad, bipartisan support across the state. The next project of Forward Wisconsin is non-partisan redistricting reform, or Fair Maps.

Every ten years, new lines are drawn for legislative districts, known as redistricting. This session, a bill was introduced by State Representative Robyn Vining and her colleagues that would take this power away from the politicians, and place the responsibility with a non-partisan service agency called the Legislative Reference Bureau.

72% of Wisconsinites and 50 counties agree — Wisconsin needs Fair Maps. But for it to succeed, we need your voice. Forward Wisconsin is aimed at amplifying the voices of the majority of Wisconsinites who support Fair Maps for a Fair Wisconsin.

We will be organizing across the state to make sure that every representative hears your voices as the legislative session continues. Will you join us?

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