Forward Wisconsin: Fight for the Medicaid Expansion


Last year, politicians ran for office across Wisconsin, promising to help working families get affordable, accessible healthcare. Governor Tony Evers proposed a solution, the Medicaid expansion, which would expand care for 83,000 people, save taxpayer money, and improve care for everyone in Wisconsin. But Republican leaders have announced that they won’t let it pass the legislature.

70% of Wisconsinites agree -- Wisconsin needs the Medicaid expansion. But for it to succeed, we need your voice. Forward Wisconsin is aimed at amplifying the voices of the majority of Wisconsinites who support the Medicaid expansion and the People’s Budget.

We will be meeting and organizing across the state, in person and online, to make sure that every representative hears your voices as they vote on the budget. Will you join us?

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Supported by the Wisconsin Assembly Democrats (and people across the state of Wisconsin!)

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