Greater Tracy

Tracy, CA

We are a part of Organizing for Action organizing in Tracy and beyond in San Joaquin County.

#OFAction: We act in our communities. We organize and mobilize for events, knocking doors, tabling, making calls, and using Social Media. Join our actions by attending and/or organizing. Everybody is welcome and we do what each of us can.

#FairDemocracy: Our mission is to establish fair and participatory democracy. Our communities are mostly light blue, and minority and youth populations are still behind in voter registration and voting. This is why we are focusing on voter registration and #CommitToVote campaign, and want to knock the doors not for candidates, but for issues to engage voters & empower our communities.

#CommunityFirst: We act local. From affordable housing to climate change we have so much we can do at personal and local level. While we can not control National policies we can make a huge difference on people's life in our communities when we organize in our communities.

#OFATraining: We train organizers new and old. It takes all of us to make lasting change so we share everything we know free of cost. We want all of us to have tools and support we all need.

Our motto is "Respect, Empower, Include and Organize".

To learn more about OFA visit our National website

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