G.R.I.M.M Vanguard Party

Chicago, IL

The G.R.I.M.M Vanguard Party is a collective of Revolutionary Vanguards thats based in chicago IL

We fight for a whole new world under Communism and Socialism , we believe in a method called the 4 worlds which consist of capitalism, communalism , socialism , and communism and will leap forward and threw all 3 until we all reach the final world.

To understand the 4 worlds and how we could leap through them we must understand its opposites.

  • Capitalism - is the opposite of communism

  • Communalism - is the opposite of colonialism

  • Socialism - is the opposite of individualism

  • Communism - is the opposite of capitalism

We must understand the systematic oppression that’s based on the 1st world, which is capitalism and imperialism it effects are people all over with suffering and brutality and also imperialistic torture. And we are being used as commodity puppet’s for white Supremacists personal gain and only a real revolution can stop this once and for all. When society was built, not only was it built on the backs of slaves but was also built to keep the people of humanity ( particularly black and brown) enslaved one way or the other which is why social classes from the lower, middle and upper class exist and if you were black the system makes it even harder for you to get to the top unless being selfish to others including your own people or family would be the approach and if we continue to be this way we will fail every year.

But however........

We can take all we can from this first world (capitalism) by using there currency to build are own sections of society and dismantle all sections as we march forward and thew by using karl marx theory the 4 all's

The 4 all’s

Marx created this concept defining the goals of communism itself which is the first step abolitioning of all class distinctions generally. In other words capitalism , Marx stated that we could build a capital without capitalism and that's the goal of the overall parties but once we eliminate all class societies there will be no more rich over the poor and humanity could be based on serving all without greed or poor with the mode of production thats owned by the people, we will then recognize that as a collective.

Then once that's abolished there’s a need where all products for sale and currency used of these products need to be put to a halt. The abolition of all the relations of production on which they rest it's necessary to abolish because this old systems production needs to be put on halt and in 2020 there was a chance to do so after George Floyd was killed and the riots raised looters. But the individualism of the looters got in the way to were air jordans and Gucci was the factor in societies radar instead of gathering the materials needed to prepare for a revolution but that chance failed, but however, we do not ever want to act barbarically against the Imperialistic oppressors because we are serious and hesitating while preparing now for when the time comes and for those who don't know when we say prepare that means to prepare the grounds for any enemy that tries to dismantle us.

So, now with that being said, now is the time to eliminate and stop all production within this current system and abolish all sweatshops and slave-space factories that use women and children as commodities for personal gain with capitalism. Now we can begin to abolish all the social relations that correspond to these relations of production. All the groups that keep these products flowing all the farm's fields, technology factories must be put to a halt.

Then finally we will revolutionize all ideas that result from those social relations by creating are very own productions to were we serve humanity with and ranks without oppression and ruling class that's above the people. We will have a strong force full of elders and vanguards helping the people strive and serving the people the way humanity should. And this could be done without bloodshed but we do know that the enemy within the system will try to dismantle this the same as they did black wall street in tulsa, this time we must prepare the grounds and the real revolutionary leaders to protect and defend are structure and lines.

communism never worked because of the abuse of power from leaders who had no science behind there theory or because of death but also the usa looters that evaded all countries with war ripping apart villages and collectives for power to try to create a one world country same as they are attempting to do till this day.

Our mission

Our mission is to Build a section of society were we teach the masses to live as a collective we want to create resources for mental health, education, medical and also defense and security. Are first line of action is to build a solid core of leaders to vanguard the communities and help build a self-sustainable resource foundation with a central committee to lead  the most oppressed while helping other allies eliminate the oppression from this current system to build a socialist communist society for all people.

We want over 1,000+ men and women preparing

Why must you join this party and be the backbone force for G.R.I.M.M vanguards

What is G.R.I.M.M

Grimm stands for Gaia’s Revolutionary International mystic militia

In the name of humanity, we are here to lead the masses of humanity into emancipation but this is not your typical Revolutionary movement, this is a movement to aim towards living on planet earth as we call gaia with pure freedom and collectivity with the practice of military training alone with a book called “THE VANGUARD HANDBOOK” that aims to teach you how to dismantle your individualism and the system of oppression while also planting the seed of socialism with a better life and purpose then what we have here today. Gaia the planet earth is the most beautiful and wise foundation for humanities needs and if you ask yourself on a deeper level have you ever have the time or opportunity to spare a moment to appreciate our planet as much as our planet appreciates you with food, water, oxygen, and nature have you hugged a tree lately or meditated listening to the sweet sounds of nature or what about social interactions with animals or even humans. On a higher frequency then what the system pushed us to be which is individualist many of you do this already but still with the mindset that this system is for you and that's individualism

To learn how to dismantle individualism please join our free classes every Friday at 6pm on zoom chat download the app free and check out the event on our FB page Grimmvanguardtv and get the latest updates on what the club is doing and how can you get involved.

What is a Revolutionary

A political vanguard that leads people on a massive scale into a whole new emancipative system we follow the political line, we protect the politcal line and we lead others to follow the political lines of the revolution.

A Revolutionary vanguard has the most scientific understanding of how the world works and how systematic programming works when dealing with the masses of humanity. We use epistemologies to determine what is true or false and what needs to be challenged for the greater good of humanity as a whole. We work within a political party and not the democratic or republic or even green parties. The revolutionary party consists of development for full healthy establishments of society on the level of serving humanity first.

Acting barbaric and using violence and war tactics among humanity is not an overall approach of a revolutionary mindset nor is it a start of a real revolution and whoever uses this approach first when dealing with humanity will only lead to more chaos while destroying the people's minds more than the system has done here today, we as people must protect and serve humanity on a higher level of science with a strategic method and approach with new programming with better resources and facilities to aid the people in need, with revolutionaries training on combat tactics then approach we also learn public policy and human relations so we may be able to serve on the most higher-level while looking under-neath the surface that's the key of being revolutionary we first lead people with understand the methods of why a revolution is needed those methods will be in our first annual book called the “ MYSTIC REVOLUTION GUIDE BOOK” then we will set up different programming and rallies to gather the people to prepare to leap forward and threw these 4 world’s together while also introducing a proclamation for the people's needs.  

What is a Vanguard?

A vanguard is the most important factor of any political party. They build momentum for the masses by reading statements and proclamations for what's to come and what's going on they teach and also learn from the masses and each other so that the masses can be led more strategically into a whole new programming and new world. They will challenge anyone who does not believe in science and will defend the people who’re on the side of the revolution, they work as a collective and never individual

And always compare and contrast strategies by using the data that has been collected from research and study then once all data has been collected they all begin to submationize what they have discovered many people believe that being revolutionary is having pride for your people or being conscious.

Well to be quite frank it's far deeper than that in order to be a full-fledged revolutionary there is the need to be a vanguard first with the right tools and handbook of a world greater synthesis for a whole new society the leap to being revolutionary goes hand in hand for the party and has not yet made a constitution because within that it isn't an individual creation, the handbook and the constitution will be written by the central committee and struggled with by the central committee to be contributed to you all but also including the struggle and the ideas from humanity will be within the constitution because within those ideas that have been compared and contrast to reality will build a break threw of new possibilities.

This Flag represents the new Mystic Revolutionary communist society it should be right next to the RGB flag in every neighbourhood within the future.

Yellow- Represents all spiritualism that's based on the most high and the ancestors thats in the spiritual plains

Black - Represents the people of the world and the african descendants of slavery who will own the means of production and build collectivity among each other.

Green- is for the land that belongs to the people to were all modes of production is not made for personal gain but served for all people of humanity freely.

                                                       We do not have an overall leader.

                                          The leaders are what we call the central committee




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