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We are a non-partisan group of women and men from diverse backgrounds who believe that access to sexual and reproductive healthcare improves the lives of women and their families.  As grandmothers, we have a special perspective and care deeply about everyone's physical and emotional well being.  We speak from our long experience and work to preserve a legacy of choice, access, and the right to make decisions about one's own healthcare.  

We fought in the 1960s and 70s to change attitudes and laws that prevented women's access to birth control, reproductive healthcare , and legal and safe abortion.  Since then, millions of young women have grown up believing in their ability to build a life that includes education, good jobs, and a fulfilling family life.  In recent years legislatures across the United States have tried to turn back the clock and take away women's rights to decide what's best for them and their families.  More than 400 laws have been proposed across the U.S. since 2010 that would take away these most fundamental rights.

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