IAM Carmen Workers Collective

Milwaukee, WI

We are the nearly two hundred teachers and professional staff at Carmen Schools of Science and Technology, spread out over six schools located in Milwaukee, WI. We are announcing our intent to unionize with the International Association of Machinists and Aerospace Workers (IAMAW) District 10.

We are teachers and staff at Carmen Schools of Science & Technology in Milwaukee, WI. We are organizing in order to create a more sustainable workplace, improve equity by giving underrepresented identities a larger voice in the workplace, improve staff retention through financial fairness, and improve transparency and accountability in the organization’s decision-making.

We believe that our working conditions are their students’ learning conditions. We are committed to providing the highest educational standards that will allow their students to grow and thrive both before and after graduation from Carmen schools. We seek to bargain collectively in a spirit of mutual benefit and trust in order to address serious workplace issues that can impede teachers’ ability to meet the high educational standards that Carmen students deserve. We are advocating for a seat at the table in discussions about what is best for our Carmen Community.

Our Actions

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