Justice For All

Chicago, IL
Justice For All

Justice for All has worked to address the rising trend of Islamophobia around the world which impacts us directly as Muslim Americans, and also leads to harmful policies and persecutions abroad, becoming both a cause and a reaction to mass displacement.

In past years, Justice for All has also addressed mass persecution in Central African Republic and mass displacement in Mali. In addition to its focus on Burma, JFA has also been working behind the scenes to confront the rising tide of xenophobia targeting minority populations, especially including the mass incarceration of the Uighur minority in China.

During 2017 we began to develop a more regular response to women’s concerns, especially through gathering and sharing the testimonies of Rohingya women survivors of mass rape. We organized panels at the Status of Women (CSW) conferences in 2015 and 2016 and conducted numerous visits to the Women’s Caucus members in Congress.

Justice for All strongly encourages a sense of inclusive global citizenship among its constituents. Justice for All has worked to raise awareness of a range of human rights concerns impacting vulnerable minority groups. In 2017 this included support for the Paris Accords (UNFCCC) and vulnerable communities facing environmental crisis such as Flint Michigan.

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