Kroger Feedback Satisfaction Survey

Kroger Feedback Customer Satisfaction Survey

There has been a lot of great feedback from customers about store visits since they started this new site. You can see which store visits are most popular on this map, with your comments and suggestions included! You can fill out the survey below, so that we can put your comments to work as we work to improve the store experience and make it as pleasant as possible for our new customers to make way in our stores.

Kroger Questions for Store Visitors

Some of you may already be interested in the Kroger feeder stores. You can also know the following questions to help your feedback make it through the store visit process. Some of these are about merchandise.

Anonymous said... I moved here from SF six years ago and have had no problems whatsoever. Like a year ago I was told I have a heart murmur and was on a trolley and I literally died. No reply to my concerned neighbor. Sadly, it seems like San Francisco is allowing these reports to happen.

Anonymous said... Sir, your post is highly acclaimed. The amazing thing about a multi-city survey is that it means you can now show the gov't how municipalities think of their residents. Amazing.

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Sample Customer Satisfaction Survey Questions:
1. Please tell us why you bought Kroger: --------------
While shopping, was it worth it? These questions are available on the page of the store you were at.
2. Have you purchased any other item from Kroger: -------------- Yes No
3. Have you shopped at Kroger before? -------------- Yes No
4. Are you a member of one of our loyalty programs? -------------- Yes No
5. Have you ever participated in a survey conducted by Kroger: -------------- Yes No
6. Was Kroger the first place you made a purchase at Kroger: -------------- Yes No
7. Did you do your research before making your purchase? (Search, Wikipedia, etc.) -------------- Yes No

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