Chicago, IL

What is Legislated:
Legislated is a website that allows the public to quickly find and take action on Illinois legislation that addresses policies they care about.

Who we are and what we have been doing:
We are a group of volunteers who want state of Illinois policy and services to better represent the wishes of Illinois voters. See attached bios.

Why Legislated is needed:
Legislated makes it easy for ordinary people to understand the impact of proposed laws and directly influence them at each stage of the policy-making process. This transparency and engagement is badly needed in our state, which consistently ranks at the bottom for efficiency and the top for corruption.

How Legislated works:
Using Legislated, users can find and take effective political action on bills that they care about based on both their commitment level and the bill’s status. Potential actions could include filling out a Witness Slip, calling their rep, or organizing a town hall.

We will measure our success with two metrics: the number of people who find bills with our tools and the number of actions people take on them. The systems we create in Illinois can be shared in other states as part of a nationwide movement toward increased civic engagement and government transparency.

Sustaining Legislated:
We are working to incorporate as a mission-based 501(c)3 not-for-profit and will seek funding from organizations and foundations committed to furthering democracy.  We also see a market for specialized reports that compare representative's voting records with public sentiment.

Why we will make this happen:
Our efforts working with Witness Slip Groups have already gained the attention of legislators. In addition, our leadership team has decades of experience in activism, government, and technology and we are committed to building a more open and sustainable democracy by transforming how citizens engage with their government.

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