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Menlo Together is a group of Menlo Park and Peninsula residents who envision a city that is integrated and diverse, multi-generational, and environmentally sustainable. Our group includes longtime and new residents, from Belle Haven to Sharon Heights, with experience in a wide range of policies, and local organizations focused on housing, transportation, environmental sustainability, and racial equity. To learn more about us, read our origin story in the Almanac and visit our page.

We participate in many ways, whether giving public comment at City meetings, serving on Menlo Park commissions, or working for organizations that engage other Menlo Park residents.

All of us care about authentic community engagement. We understand that the policy decisions of today will have consequences for decades to come, and it’s on us to get it right. We believe that to meet the challenges our region faces, we need to take thoughtful and meaningful action in three key areas: housing, transportation, and environmental sustainability.

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