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Atlanta, GA

Neighbors for More Neighbors of Metro Atlanta is a volunteer run advocacy group working for abundant homes in the Atlanta region. Talk to your friends about zoning!

Our Advisory Board:

Andrea Cervone

Andrea Cervone was elected and served as a city council member in Clarkston, Georgia, the most ethnically diverse square mile in America. Andrea was the youngest female council member in Clarkston's 135-year history and has a decade of experience in public service. As a Councilmember, Andrea helped create Clarkston's first-ever Affordable Housing Trust Fund and pushed the city to approve a first-of-its-kind tiny home development. Currently, Andrea serves as the Director of Strategy for the Center for Civic Innovation.

George Chidi

I work as a marketing communicator, strategist and community liaison for PadSplit, an innovative real estate startup attacking the housing crisis for the working class in America's cities.

I was the inaugural Social Impact Director for Central Atlanta Progress, Atlanta's oldest and most prominent business improvement district. In this role, I worked to connect the social services policies of governments and nonprofits with the resources and voice of the city's business community.

I am a former staff writer for the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, a former competitive intelligence researcher and a former city councilman for Pine Lake.

Pavan Iyer

Pavan Iyer is a licensed architect in the state of Georgia and former Buzz graduated from Georgia Tech with a Master’s in Architecture and a minor in Environmental Science. Prior to starting eightvillage, Pavan was a designer at Lake Flato in San Antonio, working on projects of all scales, including net-zero water houses, higher education buildings, and urban projects. Upon returning to Atlanta, Pavan played an intergral part in starting-up and piloting numerous local initiatives, including Ryan Gravel’s urban think-tank Generator, a non-profit dedicated to fostering ideas for cities by people.

Pavan is seen as a leader and expert in affordable housing and urban in-fill policy in the City of Atlanta. He has given numerous talks and lectures on how to plan and design communities for sustainable urban ecologies. Pavan leads our business strategy, real estate development and community engagement initiatives.

Ayanna Akobundu

Ayanna Akobundu

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