The New Black Progressive Slate

Detroit, MI
We are Millennials, Wisdom, Grassroots Organizers, Precinct Delegates, Elected Officials, Activists.
We work for Progressive Policies. We are Active because we are WOKE!  

Being a New Black Progressive means that you understand "intersectionality" and care about many progressive issues, not just issues that affect black people only.

Issues like:

  • Income Inequality
  • Water Rights
  • Ethics in Local Politics
  • Economic Development for Neighborhoods
  • Affordable Healthcare For All
  • Living Wage
  • Womens Rights
  • LGBTQ Rights
  • Racial Justice

We Support Progressive Candidates.
We Participate in Progressive Actions
We Believe in Voting!

Our Ambition:
The New Black Progressive Slate will work to cultivate progressive candidates for elected office or Michigan Democratic Party Central Committee Membership, County Party Offices, District Offices etc.


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