Police Free Penn

Philadelphia, PA

We are an assembly aiming to abolish policing and transform community safety at the University of Pennsylvania. Comprised of students, faculty, staff, neighbors, alumni and others, Police Free Penn demands that the university defund and divest from policing while at the same time engaging abolitionist thought and activism to develop expansive visions for a different future. For years Penn Police have been asked to do racial bias training in response to their harassment of Black students and community members, but at Penn and campuses across the country, these kinds of neoliberal reforms have not worked.

Our demands fall under the following interconnected categories:

  • Decriminalize Blackness, Protest, and Poverty
  • Divest from the Prison Industrial Complex
  • Defund the University of Pennsylvania Police Department (UPPD)
  • Disband the UPPD
  • Reinvest in community-controlled funds, in West Philadelphia and beyond
  • Redress the legacy of racism, colonialism, and slavery on campus
  • Reimagine police-free strategies for community safety and well-being, especially for the Black, Indigenous, POC, and LGBTQIA communities




Our Actions

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