Progress South Carolina

[city], SC

From marching against the Confederate Flag and fighting for marriage equality to supporting our neighbors devastated by the Thousand Year Flood, over the past year reasonable people in South Carolina have demonstrated a unified spirit that flies in the face of the divisive conservative rhetoric.

Progress South is born out of that spirit. We seek to capture this new progressive energy and build a critical mass for change. The people of South Carolina are tired of the reflexive conservative dominance that’s made our state one of the poorest, deadliest and most divided in America. We’re here to push back.

Progress South believes in economic, social and equal justice for all because it shouldn’t matter whether you live in a ghetto or a gated community – you deserve a good job, good schools, a doctor to see when you’re sick and a government that stands up for you.

Progress South believes in a South Carolina that works for everyone regardless of what you look like, how much money you make, where you pray or who you love.

Progress South believes in a future where all of us have the opportunity to live up to our highest potentials; and we believe the time to build that future is now.

The people of South Carolina are tired of the worn out slogans and the hollow rhetoric.
We don’t want another conservative talking point. We don’t want another empty promise.

We want progress.

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