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Renew New England is a new and growing coalition of leading grassroots organizers, labor unions, racial justice organizations, frontline communities, and environmental advocates.

You can visit our website here, and you can watch the video of our June 30th virtual launch rally here (with Bernie Sanders, Ayanna Pressley, Ro Khanna and Varshini Prakash)!

We are dedicated to building collective grassroots power and electing governing majorities in all six New England states in 2020, in order to implement an ambitious, unified Jobs Guarantee for each of our states and for the region as a whole.

These will be well-paid jobs with strong union protections, collective bargaining rights, and excellent benefits. People employed in these jobs will build tens of thousands of affordable housing units, community health centers (where people can receive free, high-quality medical care with or without health insurance), solar and wind farms, and a convenient, efficient, interstate mass transit system.

In order to implement this transformative vision to reimagine New England from the ground up, we are working with over one hundred candidates across the region, who will champion our Jobs Guarantee policy platform. The Renew candidates include teachers, waitresses, nurses, immigrants, and college students. They are supported by a coalition of grassroots organizations in all six states, including racial justice activists, labor unions, and environmental advocates.

Together, we are building a massive, regionwide movement that will win the power we need to rebuild New England in an equitable and ecologically sustainable way. The Renew candidates all promise to refuse campaign contributions from the fossil fuel industry and are building a grassroots movement of volunteers to help them campaign, phone bank, and canvass.

We’re building a New England for the people. Join our movement.

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