Providence, RI


RICARES is a grassroots effort focused on creating a socially just community for all Rhode Islanders impacted by substance use. We approach stigma with an intersectional lens and advocate for change.


We envision a community where Rhode Islanders have improved their health and wellness. Where every person is given the resources and services they need to succeed, to live a self-directed life, and to reach their full potential.

Community Values

We believe that healthy communities have the infrastructure for all members to succeed.

  • Affordable Housing
  • Accessible Education
  • Healthcare Equity
  • Public & Personal Accountability
  • Public & Personal Transparency
  • Economic Opportunities
  • Safe People
  • Safe Spaces

How We Do It

  1. We bring impactful opportunities to people so they can recognize their personal contributions to Rhode Island communities.
  2. Create additional opportunities for all Rhode Islanders to access recovery.
  3. Create healthy and whole communities that support recovery efforts for all Rhode Islanders.
  4. To Lead & Collaborate with stakeholders increasing overall recovery capital.

We work side by side with treatment community partners, various mental health agencies,  and community care organizations, RICARES has partnered with Faith Communities, Youth Organizations, and other human service non-profits, in order to educate a broader audience about recovery, and help mitigate barriers for people in recovery through advocacy and community building.

Our Actions

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