Rising Tide Seattle

Rising Tide Seattle is a grassroots, all-volunteer collective dedicated to taking direct action to confront the root causes of climate change, and support communities on the frontlines of extractive industries.

Rising Tide Seattle was born amidst a flurry of fossil fuel development that threaten both the climate and communities across this region. From coal export terminals to tar sands tankers; exploding oil trains, pipelines and refineries - fossil fuel infrastructure threatens to overwhelm the Salish Sea.

Rising Tide Seattle challenges the political and economic systems that prioritize profit, infinite growth and white settler dominance, over traditional peoples, community health and a livable planet. We are committed to stopping the extraction of fossil fuels and preventing the construction of new fossil fuel infrastructure.

While doing so we struggle to make the transition to sustainable livelihoods a just one. We challenge corporate power, colonialism, and all forms of racism and structural oppression. We promote social justice, biocentrism, local autonomy and self-sufficiency and the rights of indigenous peoples. We see the answer to the climate crisis in community-based solutions, not corporate megaprojects.

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