South Lakefront Progressive Network

Chicago, IL

Civics is a conversation about how we are involved in our community and how we can bring about positive change.

Politics is one of the ways that we can be involved in that change.

Being part of a community involves being part of our community’s civic life. It involves voting, showing up at government meetings, being engaged with our local officials. And when people aren’t involved, that itself is a decision, and it has an impact on the community.  

At the South Lakefront Progressive Network, we want to build a deeper civic relationships in our community. We want to reach out to our neighbors who have often been ignored and make sure everyone is engaged in the political process. We want to provide a platform to discuss the issues that are important to us, and provide an opportunity for people to act on those issues. And we want to provide a network for those people in our community who want to run for office to be able to do so.  

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