2/5/18 - Missouri Mondays - Tell your Representative to restore MO Rx for over 60,000 Missourians!


Tell your Representative to restore MO Rx for over 60,000 Missourians!

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Over 60,000 Missouri senior citizens lost a crucial state prescription drug benefit known as MO Rx when the legislature allowed the program to expire in July of 2017.  However, in a nearly unanimous vote of 30-1 last week, the Senate passed SB 563 that would restore MO Rx assistance for low-income seniors with incomes between 85% and 185% of the federal poverty level.

Indivisible MO supports SB 563 because:  

  • The MO Rx program provides low-income seniors with 50% of the cost of their prescriptions. Without this assistance they have been faced with double the cost for their medications and perhaps having to go without them in order to pay for other necessities like groceries or utilities.

  • Cuts to MO Rx funding left some of Missouri’s most vulnerable seniors scrambling to come up with the extra costs of medications they depend on to function with only two weeks notice. This impacted seniors with incomes just above the cutoff of 85% of federal poverty level or $10,000 per year. Many of these seniors, who are on a fixed income, were unable to make up the additional costs for their medications without this program.    

  • Balancing the state budget by taking prescription benefits from low-income seniors in order to continue tax giveaways for wealthy corporations is unacceptable. Low-income seniors in Missouri shouldn’t have to go without medicine that they depend on to live so that wealthy corporations can pay less in taxes.      

Sample Call Script:

“Hi, my name is __________, I'm a constituent from ___________, and I am calling to ask Representative ________to vote YES for SB 563 restoring MO Rx benefits for 60,000 seniors because _____________.”







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