05/07/18 - Missouri Mondays - Don’t waste taxpayer dollars on a special session! Tell your legislators to start impeachment now!


Don’t waste taxpayer dollars on a special session!  

Tell your legislators to start impeachment now!

We are disappointed that impeachment proceedings did not begin immediately.  Why waste taxpayer money on a special session? For this week’s Missouri Mondays we ask that the legislature stop pretending they can carry on with business as usual in the current session and begin the process of impeachment now!

Indivisible MO demands Governor Greitens’ be impeached because:  

  • A special session will cost Missouri taxpayers an average of $10,000/day.  The two 2017 special sessions cost taxpayers an estimated $139,000 or more.  Our state is already in a budget crisis, why ask taxpayers to pay more?

  • Sworn testimony about Greitens’ abusive and threatening behavior is deeply disturbing and unacceptable for any elected official, especially the Governor.  The allegations against Governor Greitens are shocking and disgraceful.  We should expect nothing less than good moral character, honesty, and integrity from all of our elected officials and especially from the leader of our state. Greitens alleged reprehensible criminal behavior is bringing shame and embarrassment to the office of governor and to Missouri yet he refuses to step down, so we must begin impeachment proceedings now!

  • We deserve a law-abiding governor who values constitutional protections for all Missourians!   The Governor asked to delay the release of the House committee’s report until after his day in court at his upcoming trial, yet would deny the right to a jury trial to other Missourians.  Last year Governor Greitens signed SB 43 into law, which made it easier for employers to discriminate against their employees and weakened Missouri’s human rights laws. This year another bill, SB 578, would give employers the right to force employees into secret arbitration, denying them the right to a jury trial and hiding discrimination or sexual harassment in the workplace.  We deserve leaders who stand for the rule of law and will fight for constitutional protections for all Missourians and not just for themselves when it’s convenient.

Sample Call Script:

“Hi, my name is __________, I'm a constituent from ___________, and I am calling to ask Senator/Representative________to begin impeachment proceedings now because _____________.”















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