URGENT: Send a letter to VA legislators in key committees to hear good governance bills.

URGENT: We need to get good governance bills heard in the House Committee this week.

To-date, no good governance bills focused on campaign finance and ethics reform have been heard in their respective House committees. And cross-over is February 7th.

Let's send all the members of these committees (P&E, Rules, and General Laws) a message that these bills should not be ignored. This legislation which isn't moving focuses on campaign finance bills (P&E), a resolution proposing an amendment to the U.S. Constitution allowing Virginia to regulate election spending (Rules) and Del Shin's ethics integrity bill (General Laws). Let's remind them that Virginians are watching and we want to get those bills out of committee and into law.

Why is this letter-writing platform important? Your elected officials might not listen to just one or two of us alone, but together we are stronger.

Fill in your information on the right side of the screen, a sample letter will be provided. Your legislators will be listed. You can use the pre-drafted message or write your own! It's easy and quick. You can also share this action with friends and neighbors to have more impact.

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