Tell our elected school board members: Longfellow students need and deserve more; not less

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Background of Our Campaign

Cuts are in the works for Longfellow for the coming school year.  

Tell our elected school board members to ensure that Longfellow's programs to serve struggling students are strengthened, not weakened - as currently proposed by district officials.  Longfellow needs additional funds to begin a school design process that increases instructional minutes and supplements learning with critical enrichment and interventions so that all of our students can succeed.

Most of our students are English language learners, foster youth, or from low-income families.

Our school's high concentration of need requires a high concentration of resources. Longfellow students need and deserve more; not less.  

  • 68% of our children face headwinds with a 3+ Academic Support Index (ASI) and will most likely need intervention and other supports to be successful in school.

  • Longfellow does not have the resources to support all of our struggling students this year, and, with the current BUSD funding plan for next year, those resources will shrink.

  • We face a structural PTA fundraising barrier with 58% of our school community meeting criteria of low-income families (the highest in the District).

Send a letter today to our elected school board members asking them to take action to ensure that every student at Longfellow has the opportunity to thrive.