We Need A Paid Sick Leave Guarantee

the image is a banner with a night sky star field and the text reads We need a sick leave guarantee.  People need to be able to rest and recover from the infections we're being exposed to

My letter to President Joe Biden. Please join me in writing to POTUS about this issue by using my letter or writing your own, using my form or the White House contact page form. Links to other pandemic related letter campaigns are posted on my substack newsletter page.

— Chloe

Dear President Joe Biden,

If we want a society where services are not disrupted by continuous virus outbreaks, the aftermath, and yes, labor strikes — at a bare minimum we need to have A PAID SICK LEAVE GUARANTEE.

People need to be able to isolate and recuperate when contagious and sick. We need to be able to take time off work for preventative care, vaccination, testing, procedures, doctors appointments, and caring for sick family members. Human beings need to be able to address medical problems like those acquired from getting Covid and Long Covid without being forced out of jobs.

It’s essential to the functioning of our civilization to have a paid sick leave guarantee.

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Scranton, PA