Support AB 1483: Housing Data

Even though the housing shortage and displacement crisis is severe and has been going on for a long time in California, we don't have easily accessible data about what cities are building what housing, and what cities are NOT building housing. This bill will facilitate good policy by ensuring that the CA Department of Housing and Community Development can collect and publish the data that lawmakers, advocates and academics need.

The bill would require the Department of Housing and Community Development and cities to:

  1. compile a list of standards, fees, special taxes, and assessments applicable to housing development projects in their jurisdiction
  2. provide annual status updates on pending and completed housing development projects; and permits and certificates of occupancy issued
  3. annually post this information to all appropriate agency websites starting January 1, 2021.

This bill is part of the CASA compact.

Letter Campaign by
Sonja Trauss
San Francisco, California
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