ACT NOW - Scrap Sanctions for Good!


Scrap Sanctions for Good - Why we are concerned

The government's recent decision to reintroduce benefit sanctions and conditionality (suspended since March) as job centres reopen across England is cruel, immoral and unfair. There is no evidence to show sanctions work and plenty of evidence about the adverse impact they have on health. Sanctions are financial penalties whereby claimants are docked at least four weeks’ benefit income if they break conditionality agreements, such as failing to attend a jobcentre interview or to spend enough time searching for jobs.

It is especially unfair and unjust when we are facing a historic rise in unemployment and a covid-19 job crisis. Many of the people being forced to look for work will come from Disabled and or BAME communities, who have died at far higher rates than the general population. Disabled people will face increased exposure to covid-19 and likelihood of harm if they have to attend jobcentre appointments, use public transport or go into a workplace where social distancing and other safety measures have not been put in place.

Please act now and email your MP to get rid of sanctions once and for all

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