ACT NOW - Scrap the easements and restore Disabled people’s rights


Why we are concerned

The Coronavirus Act has diminished our rights, and allows local authorities to strip away social care. It is critical that we stand together and push the government to give them back.

Almost two thirds of people who have died because of Covid-19 were disabled, statistics show. We believe Disabled people already have too few rights and protections, and taking them away at a time when we need support the most is unacceptable.

We cannot and should not tolerate this. Please write to your MP today to support our campaign.

Please act now and email your MP to get rid of the easements once and for all

1. Submit the form on this page - it will find your MP

2. Edit our template letter as much or as little as you want on the next page. If you have been affected by the pandemic, please add a paragraph about your experience. MPs need to hear directly from Disabled people
3. Send it and share this action on social media!

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