Act Now: Tell Governor Lamont to Put Working People First

Recovery For All Members:

Do you want tax relief for low- and middle-income families?

Do want the state to make significant investments in childcare and children’s mental health services?

If the answer is yes, please send an e-mail to Governor Lamont right now, and tell him to include the work of the Finance, Revenue & Bonding Committee in the final budget.

The General Assembly’s Finance, Revenue & Bonding Committee just passed a revenue package that incorporates many of Recovery For All’s priorities, including:

  • A $300 tax credit for each child (up to $900) for families earning up to $200,000 per year;
  • A permanent 11% increase in the Earned Income Tax Credit for low-income families with children, putting an additional $300 in their pockets to make ends meet;
  • Historic investments to create 10,000 new childcare slots and increase the wages of childcare workers; and
  • Funding for children’s mental health services to help them cope with the isolation and traumas caused by the pandemic.

The Committee also passed critical transparency measures to ensure the Department of Revenue Services provides comprehensive, uniform data to guide tax policy decisions and report how much all categories of taxpayers, including the ultra-wealthy and mega-profitable corporations, pay.

Email Governor Lamont now and ask him to include the Finance, Revenue & Bonding Committee’s revenue package – the one that delivers relief to working families, funds services that build equity and increases taxpayer transparency – in the final budget. Tell him Connecticut should be a place where everyone can thrive, regardless of their job, gender, race or zip code.


Recovery For All Legislative Committee

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