ACTION: Tell banks to stop financing private prison construction in Alabama

CoreCivic, one of the largest private prison companies in the world, is currently attempting to raise private investment to facilitate the construction of two new mega prisons in Alabama. The prisons are a multi-billion dollar, decades-long project for CoreCivic, and they will lock Alabamians into an expansion of mass incarceration for generations to come.

Thanks to pressure from organizers in Alabama and partners from far and wide, two of the three banks financing the project (Barclays and KeyBank) have pulled out of the deal. The only bank that remains committed to financing the construction of massive, privately-owned prisons in Alabama? Stifel, based in St. Louis.

You can use this portal to contact the business representatives at Stifel who are assigned to this project, and whose contact information was shared by CoreCivic in their investor presentation. We have a pre-drafted message that you can send with one click, or you are welcome to edit or write your own message in the text box.

Please share this campaign widely. We need Stifel to know that the people of Alabama deserve better than this, and that the mass incarceration of our people for profit will not be tolerated silently.

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