Action: Tell your Representative to protect fair maps!


Politicians are wasting no time in undermining our democracy and the will of over 1.4 million Missouri voters.

The Missouri Senate recently passed SJR 38, a dangerous and extreme partisan gerrymandering scheme. These politicians do not trust or believe Missouri voters could possibly not want politicians in charge of drawing the districts to keep those same politicians in power.

However, we see through these shenanigans - that's why there was bipartisan opposition to SJR 38.

This bill, SJR 38, is now moving to the Missouri House.

We can’t sit back and watch politicians undo the mandate of over 1.4 million Missourians. Contact your state representative NOW and tell them to protect fair maps.

Let your Representative know that you voted for Amendment 1 and want them to represent you - not undermine your vote and democracy! Tell them to vote NO on SJR 38.

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