Add your name: Democrats must hold the line. No Dream Act? No CHIP? No deal.

Approximately 15,000 DACA recipients have lost their status since Trump rescinded DACA in September. White supremacist-in-chief Donald Trump's comments last week have made clear that opposition to passing legislative solutions to address our outdated and xenophobic immigration laws has more to do with barring people of color from entering the U.S. than with crafting sound public policy. Democrats are our best hope of getting the Dream Act added to the spending bill. They must hold the line for the 800,000 immigrant youth Trump and Republicans have left behind. Voting for yet another spending bill that doesn't include the Dream Act is tantamount to voting to deport these young people and supporting a white nationalist agenda.

By Friday, Congress also must reauthorize the Children’s Health Insurance Program, which ensures critical health care services for 9 million children across the country. The small patches that Congress passed in December have already begun to run out, putting children across the country at risk of losing health coverage. This is a no-brainer, even for Republicans, who have supported this program for two decades. If we can afford a trillion dollars in tax cuts for Trump, his family, his friends and Republican donors, then we can afford to ensure children have health insurance.

Both of these programs are extraordinarily popular and both will save countless lives. American families and America's children have waited too long for Congress to address these issues. If Democrats hold the line, we can finally pass protections for immigrant youth and funding for children's healthcare. With the clock ticking for both programs, we need Democrats to know we have their backs when they have ours.

Sign and send a petition to your Democratic senator(s): Hold the line. No DREAM Act? No CHIP? No deal.
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