Address The Root Causes Of The Refugee Crisis

U.S. Military, Economic, and Other Policies Exacerbate The Refugee Crisis

Use this action alert to tell your Senators and Representative that you demand Congressional hearings to review the situations in South and Central American countries, and to reverse U.S. policies that are the root causes of mass flight of refugees toward the United States.

The Nation Magazine reports, “illegal immigration from [Central and South America] remained modest until the 1980s, when the US government and its neoliberal collaborators at the IMF and World Bank began imposing policies on the region that favored large multinational corporations, undercutting the small farms and businesses that had supported the working poor.”

“Meanwhile, many of the oligarchs became partners in the growing narco-trafficking business. Protected by government officials, criminal gangs have spread throughout the region, adding threats of kidnapping, extortion, rape, and murder to the daily life of people struggling to make a living.” reports, “The immigration crisis at the border is the culmination of decades of US-financed violence, unjust economic policies like the Central America Free Trade Agreement, and the devastating effects of climate change.

Unless and until the Congress ends and reverses these unjust and inhumane policies, the refugee crisis cannot be solved. We call upon Congress to act now! Your elected officials must demand Congressional Hearings on the social, economic, political, and climate crises causing the flight of refugees.