Ask Your State Representative to Support HB82/SB151 - Maryland Constitutional Amendment for Environmental Rights

Everyone deserves the right to clean air, clean water, and a healthy environment. Everyone. Yet our laws do not currently protect this right. We can change that.  

Write your state representative to ask for their support of HB82/SB151 - the Maryland Constitutional Amendment for Environmental Rights. When you enter your address to the right, Action Network will identify your state legislators. Click on the Start Writing button to see a form email that you can customize with a personal reason or story about why the amendment is important to you.  

The amendment will protect the rights of all Marylanders to live in a healthful environment, including clean air, water, land, and a stable climate. It will also recognize the state as trustee of Maryland's natural resources.  Protecting everyone’s right to live in a healthy environment in our state constitution and requiring the state to protect those rights resets the priority of the government to put the health of the public first.

It is important to show your support for the amendment for the following reasons.

  • Communities of color and low-income neighborhoods bear the burden of environmental pollution and degradation and the resulting health disparities.
  • It is a moral issue that our state is choosing to put the interests of industry over the health of its citizens, especially of the frontline communities.  
  • This amendment would legally protect their rights and all Marylanders' rights to live in a healthy environment now and for future generations.
  • It would require the state to protect these rights.
  • It would provide a legal rationale for passing environmental legislation to protect public and environmental health