Require Alpha-gal Syndrome Disease Case Reporting

Alpha-gal Activists! We need your help!

On July 27, 2023, the CDC released an updated report about the potentially life-threatening “red meat” allergy, Alpha-gal Syndrome, caused by a tick bite. Originally estimated at 5,000 cases in 2013, the CDC now estimates up to 450,000 people in the US have this allergy.  

At this time, New Jersey is the only state that tracks cases of Alpha-gal Syndrome; however, reporting is only voluntary.

Please join us and ask your state legislators to add Alpha-gal Syndrome to the state's list of reported conditions. We must start tracking cases across the US to track trends and get a better understanding of this growing public health crisis.

The process is very simple: enter your name and address and the platform will show your state legislators. Review the letter, edit if you'd like, and send! Now, hit the "Start Writing" button!

Thank you so much!

Jennifer Platt, DrPH

Beth Carrison

CoFounders, Tick-borne Conditions United

Letter Campaign by
Jennifer Platt
Litchfield, South Carolina