Ask Gov. Edwards to Veto Creation of Questionable Charter School

Ask Gov. Edwards to Veto Creation of Questionable Charter School

A bill to remove an existing charter school from local control and give it free rein status as an “independent public school”  is headed to the Governor’s desk.

HB 887, sponsored by Representative Steve Carter, would allow a certain East Baton Rouge Parish Type 1 charter school to become its own independent public school district with all the powers of a local school public school district. The school would be governed an unelected board dominated by political appointees, including state legislators.

The per-pupil cost of the school would be an astronomical $23,714 at a time when public school funding is at risk across the state.

This proposal sets a very dangerous precedent because it takes away accountability from local voters and places it into the hands of unelected appointees with very broad financial authority. The school would be exempt from laws that apply to traditional parish and city public schools, and would be able to buy, sell, or lease property without the oversight of elected board members.

As part of the East Baton Rouge school system, the school is currently required to accept only local students, but if HB 887 becomes law, it could accept students from across the state, draining MFP funds from other districts.

HB 887 is bad public policy. It initiates too many opportunities to bypass accountability and transparency, and promote corruption.

Please send Governor John Bel Edwards a message TODAY and ask him to VETO HB 887!